Monday, April 18, 2011

The Silver Lining

Good...Monday?  Really?  It's Monday?  Man!  The weekend went by so fast, it's like it didn't even happen!  And that's even with an extra day off.  Highlights of the weekend: helped the bestie move, went to my SIL's 16th birthday party, cleaned up around the house, started laundry, grocery shopping, went to my SIL's little girl's 1st birthday party up in the mountains...and that's just the highlights.  *whew*  And it doesn't stop this week - the whole month of April has been like that!  This is one case where I'll be glad if time flies.  The silver lining?  Apirl is more than half-over and May will bring us back on track (sort of).

Got some pretty nails to share with you today.  When I heard that ChG was releasing a new collection of holo polishes, I was geeked!  I missed out on OMG (just by a little bit) and the Milani holos are pretty, but they're just ok (the formula isn't the greatest).  I waited (rather impatiently) for Tronica to come out.  As soon as I got the thumb's up that they were in-store, I ran down to Sallys as fast as my little wheels would carry me.  I grabbed quite a few of them but have only used 3 so far.  This is the second mani I've done with Tronica.

This is ChG Hologram from the Tronica collection (indoors with flash).  It's a pretty silver holo that's not overly holo, but for a girl who doesn't have many holos, it'll do until another company releases something better.

Not that it really needed anything else, but I grabbed Bundle Monster plate BM12 and Konad special polish in blue and stamped these pretty flowers at the base of each nail.  This pic was taken indoors in direct sunlight.

Indirect sunlight.  Tronicas are best viewed in direct, bright sunlight.  Even without the holo bling, it's still pretty, just not quite as pretty.

I miss my long nails. *I haz a sad*  Anyway...the wear on this was pretty good, especially considering most holos chip very easily.  If you haven't picked up any of the Tronica collection, high-tail it to Sally Beauty Supply - they had a couple when I went a few weekends ago and they're having a buy 2, get 1 free on all brands of polish through the end of April.

You know what I just realized?  Easter is this Sunday!  I have some baskets to fill - quick!  Have a great rest of your day.  I've got some great recipes to share this week - stay tuned!!


Amber said...

Pretty nails! The flowers are a nice touch.

Thanks for the heads up on the sale at Sallys, I better get over there some time this week!!

Stray Stitches said...

Beautiful mani! Love the little blue flowers - perfect for spring.

Natalie said...

Very pretty! :)

-Diana- said...

Gorgeous love the silver and blue combination <3

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Awesome mani. The tronica collection didn't do much for me at all. However, your stamping makes it look AWESOME!

Kimberly said...

I like that look. Sort of like a Ming vase, no?

shortmama said...

Beautiful as always!

Myya said...

Your SIL is only 16???

LOVE the nails! Anything sparkly is good for me :)

Oh man I have Easter baskets to do also, first I need to find time to shop without the girls first though. Dang, could I cut it any closer! Yikes!!