Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Slimey Limey

Good morning, Kitschies!  I hope you're enjoying your day.  It's my birfday!  How am I celebrating?  Hopefully, by taking the afternoon off, getting some retail therapy in (thanks to my bestie), picking up my boys a little early then heading over to my MIL's for dinner.  Other than that, I'm fighting a wonderful head cold, so it'll be low-key celebration for me tonight. 

In other news...my son, Nate, brought home a SOAR award from school yesterday for "A+ attitude, Respect and Responsibility".  How awesome is that?!  I'm so proud of my little man!!

I have a pretty cool mani to share with you today.  I can't remember when I wore this one.  June?  July?  I dunno...it was a while ago.  I'm behind in posting...we already went over that yesterday.  I was inspired by THIS POST on Simply Rins a while back and I thought I'd give it a go.

Rins used Gosh holographic - I tried to use ChG OMG, but it wasn't coming out the way I wanted it, so I grabbed ChG Laser Lime from the Tronica collection.  You've probably all seen it, but it's a lime green non-linear holo.  It's pretty, but not awesome like ChG L8rG8r.  I started with at least 2, but probably 3, coats of Laser Lime.

Then using dotting tools and black acrylic paint, I dotted on flowers and little dots around the tip of my nails.  For the center of the flowers, I used Laser Lime.

Laser Lime really is more holo IRL.  I couldn't get an accurate full-sun picture.

This is the best full-sun pic I got and if you click on the pic to make it bigger, you can really see the pretty holo in this polish.

And in the shade, Laser Lime is still pretty, but it's not sparkly holo...just kinda sparkly.

Flash picture FTW!  LOL  You can't see the holo, but it does look kinda sparkly.  Of course Simply Rins' nail art was better, but I like how this turned out.  I am thinking about doing this with another color combo again soon.

Enjoy your Tuesday!  Take some time to relax (yeah, right).  See you soon!


KarenD said...

Happy birthday! Cute mani!

Pinkbeauty_love said...

Very pretty mani!

Lorene (just Lu) said...

Happy Birfday!! Hope it's a great day for you!

Emily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! I hope you have a great day and enjoy your afternoon shopping!

rock-or-not said...

Happy birthday!!
Great mani <3

Robyn said...

That is beautiful! How do you make your blobbies look like Konad?!

And... happiest of birthdays :)

Jessi M (Lacquered, Painted, Polished) said...

Happy birthday!!! I hope you have an awesome day! And now I'm kinda regretting passing on the Tronica collection. I was a little sad they weren't as holo as China Glaze's other holo collections and used that as a reason to pass, but I shouldn't have. They're still gorgeous!

And yay for Nate! I'm proud of both of you guys!

Stray Stitches said...

Can't say the lime color is my favorite but I like the flowers and dots.
Have a wonderful rest of the day and I hope your head cold goes away quickly.
Hooray for Nate! That's my grandson!

Nail Nerd said...

Happy happy birthday! That green is lovely, and beautifully paired with those sweet little flowers -- now all you're missing is a birthday drink to put in your hand!

Nail Nerd said...

Happy happy birthday! That green is lovely, and beautifully paired with those sweet little flowers -- now all you're missing is a birthday drink to put in your hand!

rins said...

Happy Birthday! Were you able to make a wish?

Thank you so much for the credit and I'm glad you had a chance to try one of my designs. The base color is lovely. :)

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday! Did you have a great day?

Alexisaurus said...

Awww! I wish I grabbed this when I had the chance!

Happy birthday! And congrats to your son!!


Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

I'm really sorry that Tronica collection has not arrived here in Europe, but I'm lucky because I own 5 polishes from OMG collection and L8R G8R is among them!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a good one and are feeling better soon.

Super cute mani, I love laser lime, so much prettier in person :)

Impulsive Addict said...

FUNKY! I love it! You are so creative!!

Melanie said...

A little late but: Happy Birthday!
Lovely manicure, I adore holos

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