Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WWtKW: Cell Phone Edition

Happy Wednesday, Kitschies!!  I hope you're sailing through your week relatively unscathed.  I didn't play along with last week's WWtKW and I missed linking up, so you bet I'm going to get in on the linky action today!!


This weeks' questions come from the ever awesome Mamarazzi and all have to do with her latest addiction: her cell phone.

{1}Do you prefer to text or call?
{2}What is the last text message in your phone and who is it from?
{3}What are your favorite phone apps?
{4}At what age do you think kids are ready for a cell phone?
{5}Share a current pic or video taken with your phone.

1.  Do you prefer to text or call.
It all depends on who I'm "talking" to and what the conversation is about.  I text a lot because it's an easy way to keep in contact or to check in throughout the day.  But, if it's a more in depth conversation, I'll call.  If it's the bestie, we *rarely* actually talk on the phone but we text a lot.  But if it's my parents and my weekly check-in, I always call (even though my mom and I text on and off through the week).

2.  What is the last text message in your phone and who is it from?
I'm typing this up on Tuesday afternoon, so I know I've gotten more texts than this, but the last one (at this point) is from my bestie:  "I asked him if he swiped those yest. I knew it!! He said he got them from home.  LOL  (he said yes).  FYI: My kid's a klepto.

3.  What are your favorite phone apps?
I don't have a cool phone like all the other kids (mine is circa 2009 *gasp*).  I like to say I'm blissfully unaware of all the awesome things a phone can do.  The hubs keeps saying that we're going to get iPhones for Christmas.  I kinda hope he's kidding.  With that said, my favorite phone app is Text Twist 2.

4.  At what age do you think kids are ready for cell phones?
That's a hard one.  My kids are still really young (5 and 2) and they're in no way even close to being ready for a cell phone.  I'm thinking teens, like 14 or 15, but it really depends on the kid and the situation.

5.  Share a current pic or video taken with your phone.
My boys: Nate, the hubs, and Mason, waiting impatiently in front of El Pinto to meet my Aunt and Uncle for lunch a few weekends ago.

So join me, won't you and link up with Mamarazzi for another great week of We Want to Know Wednesday!


Nadine Hightower said...

I don't know If I've like a smart phone either. I tried to work my mom's touch screen phone and hated it.

Emily said...

We just upgraded our phones, and I still have no clue how to use half the functions. I'm old school. As long as I can text and make calls I'm cool.

KarenD said...

I'll have to look for Text Twist for my phone--back in the day I spent quality time with the PC version.

Amy said...

If you get an iPhone, prepare to be addicted! It's so awesome :)

Angel said...

I am in love with my new phone.... but I keep hanging up on people with my face!! lol

Stray Stitches said...

I like my simple phone - text and calling. I can always use Dad's if I need to look something up on the internet - lol!

The Lovely One said...

My kids are 5 and 2, too! And at this point, I'm think a cell phone on the first day of high school would be a nice treat!

Emmy said...

If you do get the iPhone you will love it in the end :). The new iPhone5 should be coming out this fall. I find it funny how many of us text now- since when we were teens it didn't exist- but yea I prefer it too

Nail Nerd said...

How cute are your boys?! I wonder if you can get "over" phones in general -- I can't even be bothered to check it for texts anymore let alone jump up anytime it buzzes or rings. Bring back the Pony Express: it may not have lasted long but it had style!

Mamarazzi said...

serious cuteness in that pic.

thanks for linking up dollface, you were missed!

Alicia said...

aww how cute are your boys?! i have a mason too :) love it! i'm not looking forward to my kids getting older and having to deal with phones and everything else, it scares me!