Thursday, February 16, 2012

Motley Blue

Good morning, Kitschies!  We're running in to the end of the week again.  Anything exciting planned for this weekend?  I get to spend the day with Nate tomorrow (school is out today and tomorrow for parent-teacher conferences) but I don't know what we're doing quite yet.  We have a birthday party on Saturday, but other than that, I imagine we're looking forward to the usual 'round the house chores that we usually do.  Then Monday, school is closed AGAIN for Presidents' Day, so the hubs gets to have *his* day with Nate.  I know they're planning on going skating - lucky!

I've been so bad about posting consistently lately and I'm sorry.  Things are still in a somewhat chaotic state in my life and I have a hard time fitting everything in.  However, the last few days have been a bit slower at the clinic, so I'm trying to take advantage and get a few posts in.

I'm sure you've seen a lot of the Finger Paints Special Effects (flakies) around the blogs over the last couple weeks and you know I have to jump on that train.  I was lucky enough to pick up these great flakies prior to their official release (because I bug my Sally's girls like that) but I haven't had a chance to wear all of them yet.  I know this isn't the first mani I've used them for, but this is the first one I took pics of.

I started with a base of SH Complete Salon Manicure in Thinking of Blue, a pretty navy blue creme.  Then I added two coats of FP Motley, an awesome combo of blue (or purple, depending on who you talk to) and green flakies.  The blue flakies don't show up so much because of the blue base, but you could see them in certain lights. 

I apologize for lack of good pics of this one - we went through a cloudy stretch and this was impossible to capture with a flash. 

Were you lucky enough to pick up the FP Special Effects collection?  Funny thing: the SA tried to sell me the black polish that was "released" with this set because "they (the flakies) won't work without it."  I asked her to see the bottle, opened it and immediately handed it back to her.  Sorry.  I don't need yet another black creme.  LOL


cathryn said...

this is beautiful! it looks like an ocean of sorts, i havent been able to get my flakies to look like this. you are magical xD

Crazymamaof6 said...

those are fabulous nails.

KarenD said...

I scooped up these flakies but I'm slacking on using them. I have heard that FP black creme is nice but like you I left it there since I've got black already.