Thursday, May 27, 2010

Take this job and... thankful you have it. LOL I like my job. I can't imagine working any place else. I'm pretty lucky to work with some pretty wonderful people. Really. It's been kinda slow today, so I thought I'd do a little post to speed the time along a bit. I only have to make it through today and then I'm FREE for a week!!! Can't wait!!

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Just a little side note before I begin this little post of mine, I just want to comment about LOST. If you're not a fan, or if you haven't watched the series finale yet, you might want to skip down to the next paragraph. DH and I watched the series finale last night. I have had a love-hate relationship with this dang show for the last couple seasons. The first two seasons were SO good and then it got...weird. And confusing. After pretty much every episode, I would turn to DH and say WTH just happened?! I know I'm not alone. However, I really like how it ended, though I figured out where it was going about half-way through the episode. But that didn't matter because I enjoyed seeing each of the characters meet up with their match. I cried SO much!! I think the one that got to me the most was Sun and Jin - and that's mostly because of the way they killed them off. I am *still* upset about that one! How can you separate them for a majority of the season and then an episode after they're reunited...KILL THEM BOTH?! At least they died together. *sigh* I was a little sad that Hurley didn't meet up with his match, but I like how they gave him purpose to keep him on the island. BUT...if he had purpose to stay on the island, what was he doing in the "church" at the end? And if he did die (everybody dies), who took his place on the island? Or is that why Ben stayed behind? Poor Ben. I don't think he's found his purpose yet. Oh, and I'm really glad Jack's match FINALLY ended up being Kate. I liked Kate and Sawyer together, but she was just meant to be with Jack. We watched the Jimmy Kimmel Live special, too, and agree with Jimmy. Everybody has a test in this life and LOST was about Jack's test. And I love the last scene. I'm going to miss the show, but I'm glad it's finished.

OK. Enough rambling. On to the post.

I picked up Orly Blue Collar the other day while on the hunt for a blue creme. This a really pretty blue creme that is kinda camera shy. One time it shows as robin egg blue, the next it's darker. In real light it's a pretty sky blue. The formula is consistent with Orly and I didn't have any trouble with application. I had great coverage after 2 coats, but I went with one more just for the heck of it.

With flash

No flash - indoor lighting (more true to color)

And to mix things up, I used Claire's Mean Green on both of my ring fingers. You should've heard people's reaction! They thought I made a mistake. LOL Come on, people! I'm just trying to give you a little something different to look at. I did get lots of compliments on my mani and I like that. Don't get me wrong...I do my nails for me, but it's nice when other people notice them, too. Today is day 2 with this mani and Blue Collar is holding up well. No chips, cracks or tip wear. Mean Green, however, is a different story. Oh, in case you didn't know...I. HATE. NEON. (See the bald spot on there? That's after 4 coats of color and 2 coats of topcoat!!) Both fingers of green have a couple chips each and since I did this to complement my pedi, I noticed one of my toenails have already chipped half off. The polish. Not the nail. LOL I love this green color and am hoping I can match it to a non neon color. *fingerscrossed*

Do you have a favorite blue? Green? And if you're a LOST-ie...what did you think of the finale?

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Trish said...

OMGOSH I can't believe LOST is over?!?!?! I mean it had a good run and it was time, but NOW what the HECK am I supposed to watch? I don't watch too many shows, but I am a LOST junkie. Well Grey's and Private Practice, but LOST was something for me AND my hubby.
I was left a little confused as well at the end. I had the same questions. Did everyone die at some point? Who is watching the island? I agree about Sun and Jin. I CRIED my eyeballs out watching them die after all they went through! UGH! That was wrong! I thought it was sweet of Hurley to ask Ben to be his #2. THat is all Ben wanted and he finally got it. I am still not sure why Ben did not go into the church. I watched the Jummy show after as well. It was funny in some parts. I liked how the actor who played Mr Whitmore didn't even know if he was a good or bad guy! And LOVED Syid (sp) getting "voted" off the island! That was great! HAHAHAHA!