Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You smell like a monkey

This last Friday, both Neil and I took the day off. We decided we should take the boys on a trip to the zoo. Little did we know that it was going to be easily one of the coldest days of April. It was overcast, breezy and we had snow flurries. Yes. Snow flurries. In APRIL!!! Anyway, we went despite the cold and had a good time. There were some really pretty bearded iris blooming - don't see too many of those in Albuquerque.

But, because it was cooler, some of the animals were a little more active. The cats were out sunning themselves.

Even the polar bears were more in their element. They were playing with a huge ball - they threw it over the edge but they never got in the water.

And lastly, it seems the monkeys were enjoying a lazy Friday afternoon. One of the chimps had what looked like their favorite blankies with them...and then he sat down and read the paper. Over in the gorilla enclosure, they were enjoying a little...something....else. LOL

We were pretty much finished with the zoo experience after the primate section *cough* experience. Didn't want to field too many "Mommy, what is that monkey eating?" questions from Mr Nate. *sigh* Gotta love wild animals.

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