Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Digging in the Dirt

Good morning, Kitschies!  I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I got a super awesome card from Nate and then we went to the park to spend some quality family time together.  After we got home and Mason woke up from his nap, the boys played outside while I washed our stoopid dogs.  The boys were so good about not getting in to the water so as a special treat, I stripped 'em down and let them play in the mud!  I had so much fun watching them - it took Mason a little while to really get in to it, but once he saw his brother playing, he played, too.

So. much. fun!  They played in the mud for a good 30 minutes.  They were SUCH a mess when they came in the house, but they had fun and that's what matters.

Back in June last year, I participated in my first Zoya exchange and one of the first colors I grabbed was Ki.  I know you've seen it all over the blogs, including mine once upon a time, but my picture taking skills have improved, so I thought I'd share it with you again.

This picture was taken in indirect sunlight. You can see that it's mostly grape purple with a hint of green/grey on the edges.  Such a beautiful, interesting color.

Now the duochrome shows more.  I love the green and the purple together.

Another indirect sunlight pic.  I really, really like how this changes colors depending on the angle.

These are both direct, bright sun.  The purple gets darker and the green turns more of a silver olive color.  Either way, so cool!

I participated in the exchange again this year, but I haven't prepped my pics yet.  I can tell you that, between the bestie and I, we bought about 20 bottles!  YIKES!

Hope you're enjoying your Tuesday.  It's been much less chaotic here now that my co-worker is back from her vacation.  I leave you today with Peter Gabriel's Digging in the Dirt - rather appropriate for my boys today.  The video quality isn't great, but you can hear the song loud and clear.  Happy Tuesday!


Lorene said...

Boys and mud are such a great combination :)

Jessi M (Lacquered, Painted, Polished) said...

Aw! What a good Mama you are! I always loved in when my mom let me play in the mud. I wish I could get away with doing it now, haha. I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day. :)

And Ki looks absolutely fabulous on you! This one and Adina are two of my favorite duochromes ever.

Stray Stitches said...

Kids and mud go hand in hand. It looks like they had a blast!

Robyn said...

Aw, so cute! I don't get to play in the mud! :(

loodie loodie loodie said...

hahahah, what a messy good time!

I got Ki because it reminded me of a polish I used to wear in high school (Naturistics maybe), unfortunately it's not as good as I remember it. Then I got GOSH's Purple Heart which is very similar if not the same as Ki. Maybe my memories are just idealized because Ki and Purple heart are both fantastic duochromes!

Tempera said...

Fun! Brought a smile to my face to see them enjoying themselves. Love it when I see pics of happy children. You and your Hubby are doing a great job.