Thursday, September 15, 2011

Favorite Color Swap: Red!

The alternate title to this post should be: Better Late Than Never.  *sigh*  It's been a super busy week and I'm finally getting around to posting about my awesome swap with Kelley from Kelley's Family Jewels


Ms Mamarazzi did it again!  Another great pairing for another awesome swap.  Really.  She's the best there is at blog swaps.  Don't believe me?  Join up next time around.

Anyway...I got my box full of goodies on Wednesday (after it traveled from Northern CA, to Tennessee and then *back* to New Mexico).  Wanna see what I got?  I know you do...

This packaged looked all basic and boring, sitting there, all alone on my front porch.  But, don't let it's outside wrapping deceive you!  It was FULL of awesome swap goodies all for ME and all RED.

There was a nice letter on the very top of the goodies.  And just under the note was a little something for the boys.  Yep!  Kelley even included the boys (because it's hard to open a box of goodies for ME without the boys climbing all over me - you know it's true).

I got them to smile *just* long enough to snap a picture and then...

...they tore in to it!  They each got a red Hot Wheels car - and they didn't even fight over who got which car.  Amazing!

Then it was time to uncover MY goodies!!

Each thing was wrapped in red Cars tissue paper and had an explanation of why Kelley chose what she did.

"I started with a theme in mind of doing things for fall; but then I thought, does it even get cold in NM?  The cuteness won me over, so I got it anyway.  (I since Googled weather in NM and see that it in fact, can snow in the winter.  Learn something new every day.)"  Yes, it does get cold in NM...and I'm hoping it doesn't get quite as cold this Winter as it did last.  Love the scarf - I'm starting a mini collection and this one fits right in!

"I always include a favorite food in my SWAP boxes; this is my favorite red candy.  (I like licorice too, but seemed too obvious.)  I loved to sneak this in my purse to movies!  Another big plus, no one ever wants any so sharing is not an option.  Muah-ha-ha ha"  LOVE Hot Tamales!  Nate asked for one and he ate it, but he didn't ask for any more.  LOL  Guess that box is ALL mine!

"Frag-ee-lay"  "This is a little sample of an iconic treat from my hometown (Northern CA) so you remember your swap buddy."  Red wine...SCORE!!  My favorite wine is Merlot.  I am liking Kelley more and more!!

"Now, this is not technically red...but I thought this OVER red would look awesome, especially during the holidays."  Yep.  You're right...this WILL look great over red.  A sparkly red!  Crackle polish is *awesome*.

"This is crucial for any busy mom and another of my favorite treats...There is one for when you are on the move and a second for relaxing at home.  It's a yummy treat either way you go."  Wine AND coffee (no, not together)? have got me wrapped around your finger!  I used my new "at home" mug Wednesday morning and my "on the go" mug this morning.  I am diggin' this stuff!!

Oh!  And one more thing.  Nestled inside the "at home" mug were a couple more goodies!

A fully-loaded Starbucks card and cinnamon mints!  You don't know how hard it was to stay out of the Starbucks drive-thru today!!

Thank you SOOOOO much Kelley!!  You put together a *great* swap package - I love every single thing!!  I think this has been the best swap I've been in so far (except for when I swapped with Mamarazzi, but that doesn't count). 

Wanna see what I gave Kelley?  Check it out HERE.  Wanna see what other people got in their swaps?  Check that out HERE.


Nail Nerd said...

!!!! Check y'all out, what a great red and happy haul! I love this whole idea :D

Mamarazzi said...


she did such an awesome job selecting the perfect things for you. So cool!!

you guys both put together amazing packages.

and thanks for saying i was your fave, even if it was just to be totally counts :) and made me smile.

rock-or-not said...

A really really great swap!
glad for you!!

Stray Stitches said...

Look at all that red! You received some great items in your swap. How sweet of her to remember the boys too. Too funny about Nate and the Hot Tamales!

Kimberly said...

Kewl stuff! The red scarf looks pretty on you too.

Kelley said...

I am so glad you liked it... I am a fan of shopping, so it was a win-win for me!

have a great week!!

Sandi said...

Awesome swap and some great things!

(Don't know if anyone knows or cares, but it's illegal to mail al-ki-hol, even by UPS or other alternative sources. If the nosies at the PO find it, they will trash the whole package. Almost killed me to throw away a bottle of Laphroig one of the 33 Christmases I slaved away for USPS. Just a heads up for those that may not want to risk a nice bottle of whatever.)