Friday, October 29, 2010

All Hallow's Eve Eve Eve

TGIF!  We've managed to survive another week.  There hasn't been anything super exciting to happen this week and that's kinda ok with me.  I'm all for fun exciting, but stressful exciting?  Notsomuch.  This weekend the hubs has to help at his office for a remodel (better him than me) and we're having Ms Makeup Zombie over for dinner to celebrate her birfday and Halloween.  You should check out her Halloween Zombie makeup look.  It. is. awesome!

Well, despite my kicking and screaming, Halloween is upon us.  I can NOT believe Halloween is this Sunday!  I picked up an adorable lion costume for Mr Mason and Nate decided to be Darth Vader.  We didn't do trick-or-treating for Nate at this age, but since he's going out, we decided to go ahead and get a costume for Mason.  I don't think he'll be grubbin' any goods, but this way he'll be able to go out with us.  I can't wait to see them both all dressed up.  Of course I'll post pictures!

In honor of Halloween, I have two Halloween-ish manis to share with you.  I haven't felt very inspired in the department of nail art lately, so you get what you get here.  LOL
This is ChG Orange Marmalade with SH Black Out.  I picked up the lovely Orange Marmalade through Magic Maid's blog sale a couple weeks ago.  It is a medium orange with gold shimmer - it reminds me of Strawberry Fields, only in orange.  This pic was taken indoors with flash.
Early morning, direct sun.  You can't see the shimmer quite as much in this pic, but it still looks good.  I really liked this one and Nate even said "Mom!  Your nails look like Halloween!".

This second mani is what I've been wearing since Tuesday night.  I've been kinda busy at home and finding time to do my nails has been a little difficult this week.  Good thing I like how this one turned out (though the pics don't really do it justice).  I initially tried to do another orange and black look, but I ended up having a serious fight with the orange (a neon from Nina) and decided to bag that one and go with this.
I started off with Sinful Colors What's Your Name.  It's a black base with subtle teal/purple (it changes depending on the light but I couldn't get anything other than teal to show up on pics) shimmer.  I was so excited when I heard this was a dupe to OPI Unripened (as seen on The Polish-Aholic).  I'm not devout to one specific brand, but if I can get a dupe of a more expensive color in a brand like SF, you bet I'm gonna pick up the less expensive brand.
A close-up of the sparkle in the bottle.'s pretty subtle.  And I wasn't going for subtle.  This is Halloween, after all.

So, I went digging through my collection and I happened across this beauty that the lovely Ms Zombie gave me for my birthday!  This is Confetti Ice Ice Baby (cue the unescapeable early 90s "hit").  I don't know why I didn't use this one sooner!  Ice Ice Baby has iridescent glitter in a clear base.
There YOU go!  That's a lot less subtle and just what I was going for.  Please excuse the orange paint on my thumb - I told you I had a fight with that neon orange polish!  The finish of Ice Ice Baby is a little rough because it's a glitter rather than a sparkle or shimmer, but a coat of TC cures the bumpies.
What I like best about Ice Ice Baby is that it shifts from royal blue to Kelly green to purple, depending on the angle and the light.  I wish I could've gotten better pics with this mani.
Those first two pics were indoors with flash.  This is early morning, direct sun.  You still can't really see all the pretty glitters.
Though blurry, you can see the glitter a little better.  And you can see a couple of the colors, too.  These pics were taken this morning - coming up on over 3 days of wear!  I don't have any chipping, but there is some tip wear.  I don't know that I can totally attribute that to actual wear because SF had horrible shrinkage with ChG FFTC.  Either way, I like this one.  And, it seems, everybody else does, too.  People (I don't even know!) have actually grabbed my hands to look at my fingers.  LOL  I'm not a touchy-feely person so that always takes me by surprise.

There ya go!  Two Halloween-ish manis on the eve of the eve of Halloween.  I want to do another Halloween-ish mani before Sunday, but I don't know that I'll have time. 

What are your plans for Halloween?  Do you dress up in costume or do you leave that to the kidlets running around the neighborhood?  Enjoy your weekend!!!

Listening to: The Funeral by Band of Horses (rather fitting, don't ya think?)
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BlushingNoir said...

ohhhh loving ice ice baby and your halloween manis!!! If I do anything on my nails it might just be one of the Halloween China Glaze lol by the time my kids give me time to sit and paint my nails I'm tired and just want to curl up on the couch with some tea and my DVR!

Bethany-Ashley N. Crespin said...

Ooo...i own the Sinful Colors polish too...its purrty!! You have awesome nails. :)

Makeup Zombie said...

I love the last combo.

Danielle said...

oooh that glitter looks so cool over black :) can't wait to see what the kids look like

Nail Designs xox said...

what GREAT manicures! I love them!!

Toesthattwinkle! said...

love this combo

Stray Stitches said...

I liked the orange mani! What are we doing for Halloween? Going dark - hopefully we won't have any tricks taken against us.

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Awesome awesome awesome manis. The first one is so defined/streamlined and I could never do anything remotely as good freehand as you. Love it. Second one is a great layering. I instantly thought of naming your layering creation (weird for me but there ya go) and I would call it Galaxy. Now I want to go create a Galaxy franken in your honor. I'll have to see what I come up with cuz I'm just starting to wake up and feeling a bit inspired to work on frankens.

Can't wait to see pics of your kids in their cool costumes. I miss trick-or-treating as it was a great time with my family and friends and we would go EVERYWHERE and fill pillowcases full of candy. I know that our world doesn't work like that today so I hope they just have great memories as they get older of what they do end up doing on days like All Hallows. (sorry my comments seem to ramble on, since I only get here on the weekends I want to say tons, lol)

Jess Craig said...

i love halloween themed stuff! looks awesome.

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

this confetti nail polish is amazing and spicy up the black :D

SilhouetteScreams said...

Ice Ice Baby looks beautiful in that combo :D

Robyn said...

Ooooh, I love Ice Ice Baby! I wish I did a Halloween mani but I just had no times :(

Copyboy said...

hot horror look. Sorta looks like you have the universe in your hands.

Kylie jayne said...

Love the sparkly black, boy I could have used you talent for halloween night.