Monday, October 11, 2010

Friend Makin' Monday

I found this fun little question and answer over at Smiling is Good for Your TeethAll The Weigh is hosting Friend Makin' Monday.  Read over mine and then head on over to All The Weigh to do one for yourself!!

Here's to makin' new bloggy friends!

1) Do you prefer talking or texting? It depends.  If it's a short question and requires a short response, then I'd rather text.  But...if it's more of a "real" conversation, I'd rather actually talk to them.

2) Do you make your bed everyday?  Not completely.  The covers/quilt gets pulled up, but the lazy arsed cats are usually sacked out on it by the time I get out of the shower and they're harder than a box of rocks to get off the bed.

3) What sounds do you hear right now? The fan in the x-ray room and the smooth jazz station.

4) List three things that you always carry with you: Purse, cell phone and lip gloss.

5) What are your favorite TV shows? That's a hard one.  Big Bang Theory, Project Runway, Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, Triple D, Mythbusters.  The list could go on and on forever.  Amen.

6) Is there a hobby that you'd like to devote more time to? If so, what is it? Scrapbooking.  That is one time-consuming, expensive hobby!

7) What is your favorite drink? Diet Dr Pepper, if you're talking non-alcoholic.  If you're talking about fully leaded, it's either red wine or a spicy Bloody Mary.

8) Share a couple of cool facts about your family: My parents are high school sweethearts. 

9) List one thing that you will do for yourself today: I will prep pictures for my blog tonight.

10) Share something that you're thankful for today: I have a wonderful job that I love.


Myya said...

Fun answers! I love that your mom & dad were high school sweethearts, me & my hubby were too :)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

What a great and informative post. :)

Stray Stitches said...

Fun post!

Brandi. said...

I really need to get my scrapbooks out, too. I haven't worked on one in forever. My poor boys don't have anything started, and my daughter's (who turns 4 next month) only has a few pages.

shortmama said...

Im with you on time consuming and pricey!

BlushingNoir said...

aw I love this! I'll have to take part next Monday!
I'm totally into scrapbooking too, I had to become a creative memories rep to get a discount. sad part is I spend MORE now that I'm a rep haha
thanks for the share!

Copyboy said...

Wow, we're have a lot more in common.

melissa said...

Hey I stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say how much I like it. Thanks for your posts. I am now a follower here. I will be back for more updates! :-)

Smiling is Good for your Teeth said...

I love love that your parents are high school sweethearts! That seriously makes my heart flutter! That is great! Thanks for sharing!