Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh, honey, honey

T.G.I.F.F!!  We made it (almost) through another work week.  *whew*  I ate waaaay too much at our office's birthday potluck and I'm sleepy.  Now it's on to the weekend and we have some things planned for a change.  The hubs and boys and I are going to Fenton Lake tomorrow for some sun and fun - I hope the boys will be able to play in the water.  It might get a little muddy, but who cares?!  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.  I'll be picking my giveaway winner some time this weekend and I promise to announce the lucky duck by Sunday evening, but probably before that because my bestie and her hubs and pack kiddos will be over for dinner for an early birthday celebration.  And, in there somewhere, I'll have to work on laundry, various chores and the weekly grocery shopping.  It's going to be busy but it'll be fun.

Today's recipe comes from one of my favorite blogs: Mrs Bettie Rocker.  If you don't know, she's a vegetarian but she cooks meat for her husband and two young sons.  How great is that?!  I have tried quite a few of her recipes and I have loved every single one of them.  This recipe is no exception.  And I'm trying another one tonight, too.

Honey Dijon Chicken
1/2 cup honey
1/3 cup Dijon or spicy brown mustard
3 teaspoons curry powder
6 tablespoons butter, melted
1/8 teaspoon pepper
Dash ground cayenne pepper
4 split chicken breast halves, bone-in, skin removed or left on

In a bowl, combine the honey, mustard, curry powder, butter, and peppers; blend well. Wash chicken breasts and pat dry. Trim away any excess fat and remove skin, if desired. Arrange the chicken breasts, skin or meaty side up, in a lightly greased baking pan. Coat the chicken with the honey mixture. Cover with foil and refrigerate for an hour or two.

Bake the chicken, covered, in a 375° oven for 45 minutes. Remove foil and baste the chicken. Continue baking, uncovered, for 30 minutes longer, basting every 10 to 15 minutes.

NOTES:  I used 4 small-ish boneless, skinless chicken breast halves and cooked for the stated time.  I think because the pieces I used were smaller, the chicken came out a little dry.  I'm sure if I decrease the cook time, it'll be just fine.  Otherwise, this had great flavor!

Since my giveaway will be finished tonight, I'll remind you about another one.  My mom is hosting her first giveaway on her blog, Stray Stitches.  She's giving away quite a bunch of stuff - a great first giveaway!  You have until August 30th to enter.  CLICK HERE to go there.  LOL  She also does some great recipes (I may be a little biased), so go check her out!

AND!!!  I <3 this one!  I just learned about a big giveaway from one of my other favorite bloggers: Nailstah!  Why the giveaway?   To say thank you (you're welcome, Miss Annie).  It's almost her birthday (she wants to share).  And it's about time.  LOL  She is giving away quite a bit of gorgeous polish - get your hands on some and go HERE to enter her giveaway.  

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shortmama said...

Have a good time at the lake!

R3Beauty said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend. Ours will be equally busy and hopefully equally fun!

Stray Stitches said...

I will definitely have to give this recipe a try. Thanks for plug about my giveaway. Have fun at the lake!!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Have a fabulous weekend!

Makeup Zombie said...

Looks zesty! Have fun tomorrow, almost birthday girl!

Jacqueline said...

This sounds fabulous. I had a honey curry chicken recipe years ago from a Hawaiian friend. He always made it for us in college. This is similar but easier. I will have to whip this up!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Have fun! This sounds SO delicious *bookmarks*