Friday, November 5, 2010

Cuteness Overload

TGIF!!  It's been an interesting morning here at the clinic.  It's a little busier than yesterday, but not busy enough to keep me off the internets.  LOL  I got most of things on my to-do list done last night *including* watching this week's episode of Stormchasers.  Gah!  I want to talk about it, but my mom hasn't seen it yet and she reads my blog, so I have to hold off on that.  All I'm going to say is I had to watch something else after I watched that episode because I was so keyed up.

Today I'm going to make you go in to pic overload.  And cuteness overload.  Well, maybe not cuteness overload, but I think my boys are pretty darn cute.  So, without futher delay here are the pics from the weekend of Halloween.  Don't forget you can click on any of the pics if you want a closer look!
My bestie's birthday was October 29th, which was a Friday.  So, we had a little celebration for her on Saturday.  The hubs baked up a spice cake in a smaller Jack 'o lantern dish and then we made cupcakes with the remainging batter.  He wasn't home to decorate, so I took a stab at decorating them.  It looks like Nate did a couple of them, but no.  It was all me.
Nate's all giddy with anticipation with the hubs lights the candles.  LOL
Yeah.  The bestie is kinda camera shy, so this is the best pic I got of her.  The only other option was one of her flipping me off why slyly pushing up her glasses.
We waited to carve our pumpkins til Sunday afternoon.  We just had no time to get it all done.  Especially with the mess of the two boys.
The hubs got to cut open the top, then the boys, well, mostly Nate, got to dig in!
This was the first time Nate got to do any of the cleaning with the pumpkins.  He jumped right in and wasn't phased by the gooey insides.
Nate's pointing at the inside of the pumpkin - Mason isn't convinced.
Mason stuck his spoon in for a minute, but since the guts aren't all the way at the top, he wasn't all that in to it.  He pulled out a handful of guts and he just stood there opening and closing his hand.  I wish I had gotten a pic of that, but I was laughing too much to think about that.
I love this picture because it looks like Nate is all balled up inside the pumpkin.
Even our dogs got in on the action.  One of them at the whole top of one of the pumpkins.  The other got whatever the hubs was giving him here.  Blech!  I was so afraid they'd have *issues* later, but there were no troubles.
The hubs drew out a pumpkin for Nate so he could draw a face we could carve.  He drew such a good face - he just wasn't all that happy about having to hold it up for me to take a picture.  What a drama queen!
Mason doesn't look all that happy to be sitting with his brother.  This is the better of the two pics I took of them sitting with their jack 'o lanterns.  Good times.
I had put out cute little jack 'o lantern lanterns around our walkway.  I put the last one down, turned around and found that Mason had taken every last one of them and made a pile of them on the driveway.  It was kinda cute.
This is a good one for Nate, but you can see he's getting amped up to go out trick-or-treating.
Mr Nate was Darth Vader.  He and the hubs play Lego Star Wars so much, I was not surprised when he told us he wanted to be the man in black.
I don't wanna wear my mask - it makes my eyes wet!  LOL  He didn't wear the mask for trick-or-treating, but he did carry the red lightsaber that the hubs got him to accessorize his costume.  We've since hiddent he lightsaber and I hope he's forgotten about it.
We didn't get very good pics of Mason in his cute little lion costume.  He just was not having it!  You can't really see it in this pic, but there's a cute little tail that hangs down, practically between his legs.
Mason looks totally scared about being in his costume.  Yeah.  We're mean parents.  But he was so cute!
Poor little guy!  Mason was definitely a cowardly lion.  I'm hoping we can dress them both up in costumes again this weekend in hopes of getting a couple good pics of them together.  I showed Mason his costume the other morning and he got all bashful.  Once we got out and about with all the other kids, he totally forgot about his costume and was happy being carted from house to house.
The haul.  Nate's little pumpkin bucket was practically full of candy!  It may not look like a whole lot, but he got a ton.  It's going to take him us forever to go through all that stuff.

I think that's enough fun for one day.  I managed to get all the pics prepped that I needed last night.  Now I have to take *more* pics because I'll be announcing a giveaway some time next week - be on the lookout!  Have a fantabulous weekend - it's going to be almost 70* tomorrow!!'s a big day for Mason - we're taking him to get his first haircut tomorrow. *tear*


L said...

awww cute babies. thanks for sharing.

Copyboy said...

Wow! You guys enjoy Halloween to the fullest!!!

Tempera said...

Very cute and I think it is hilarious that Mason was behind you and making a pile on the driveway. How precious, hold onto these good times because they grow so fast. People say that all the time but it is true.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

wow! he got a ton of candy!!! What cute pictures!!

Toesthattwinkle! said...

awww! these pictures are so sweet! the one with your son holding mason is so cute! hope they had a good halloween!

R3Beauty said...

Definitely cuteness overload! Your boys are adorable!

IfiHadaHammer said...

Looks like they had a great time... You know, other then the whole crying lion thing. Why do Masons Halloween pjs looks so familiar?

Megan Harmeyer said...

@Kat - They were a hand-me-down...probably from your boys. LOL

IfiHadaHammer said...

I remember them on David! Boy do I miss Hand-me-downs. Why do I have the two oldest?!?! Arrrrrgh!

Stray Stitches said...

Love the pictures!! Yes, I will watch Storm Chasers before we talk!! I can't wait. We'd watch it tonight but Peter and Gretta will be here. Take pictures of Mason's haircut!! I liked the story of Mason and the little jack-o-lanterns and the pic of Mason looking into the pumpkin.

Jessi M said...

These pictures were so cute! I even had to show my boyfriend. Thank you for making me smile!

Lu said...

So cute! I love the little cowardly lion :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

Omg they're so cute carving the pumpkins ^___^

colorfulbottle said...

Awww, you have adorable sons. They look super cute in their masks. The haul looks super yumy, I'm sure he(you all) will enjoy eating them=)

You have a blog award on my blog=)

Myya said...

The boys looked sooooo cute! Love the pumpkin carving shots too. I was a mean mommy & we didn't carve this year. We did do faces on the pumpkins, just no carving. I just completely ran out of time this year. ehhh whatever it isn't like this is the only thing keeping me from getting mother of the year LOL

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

AWESOME!!! Costumes looked excellent and the crying lion...awwww, poor little guy. Loved the cupcake "cake" too.