Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get Your Hair Cut, Hippie!

Morning, Kitschies!  We've almost made it through another work week - almost.  On Thursday, my hubs and his bestie steal away and go to Planet Ego (read: man cave) where they "work" on their graphic novel.  At least that's what they tell us.  So, after the boys go to bed, I have some time to myself.  I usually take that time to do a mani and watch some TV, but tonight I'm making a delish choco cake for a coworker's birthday tomorrow.  I hope to squeeze in a mani, too (along with Stormchasers, of course) - cross your fingers!

Well, we finally broke down and got Mr Mason a hair cut this last weekend.  It was his FIRST hair cut!  Nate got his first hair cut before he turned 1.  Mason is 17 months old.  When Mason was itty bitty, he looked like a little old man because the hair in the front was very short. 
Mason - 4 months old

But once his hair started coming in, it really came in.  He had the cutest curls in the back!  The front really never hung in his eyes, but the sides really got to look like he had wings.
Mason (14 months) & Daddy

And now it just hangs.  Even after his bath, he'd get these crazy fly away styles that just made him look like a hippie (hubs' words, not mine).  I thought it was cute, but really, it was time for his first hair cut.
Mason - 16 months

So, now the hair cut.  Mason was NOT having it!  LOL  He has a case of "stranger danger", which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it makes things like getting a hair cut a little more difficult.
It took a while, but once we got him distracted with a big puffy brush and a stray comb, he was a little better with it.  Oh, and the binkie.  Gotta have the binkie.
Now the after pics.  He looked cute with the long hair, but now he looks adorable (if I do say so myself)!  Before he looked like a baby - now he looks like a little boy.  Just look at that handsome boy!
I also noticed that once he got his hair cut, he looked a lot like his big brother.  I don't have any comparison pics right now, but some day soon I'll do another comparison post.  Somebody was NOT happy!  LOL  Mason was pretty tired after the trauma of having his hair cut.  This was him pouting after he got strapped in to the car.  But...guess what?!  He's still pretty cute. 
After the hair cut (both boys got one), we went to a park for some fun and lunch.  The weather was gorgeous (almost 70*) and the boys had fun playing on all the equipment and playing with the other kids.
Once we'd had enough fun, we packed up and headed home for a nap.  Mason still usually gives us two naps, and he didn't get his morning nap, so he was pretty beat!
Poor little guy!  He slept for over 3 hours that afternoon.  Aren't they perfect when they're sleeping?

Enjoy the rest of your day!  Gotta get to the store to get the goods for the cake I need to make tonight.  YUM!  Too bad I'll have to wait til after I get to work tomorrow to have some.


Becky said...

Awwww!! He looks so frackin adorable!!

Ivana said...

He's so cute and has so beautiful blue eyes! <3 With new haircut is such a cutie pie.

Debra said...

What a cutie! I can bring myself to give my little girl her first haircut! Having fun baking and watching storm chasers, that is my kind of night. :)

Lu said...

Aww, he's all grown up! The haircut really does make him look older. Guess a haircut can do that to all of us. :)

Jess Craig said...

such a little man!

shortmama said...


Stray Stitches said...

I love my grandson no matter what length his hair is! Enjoy Stormchaser's but don't talk about it because I won't be seeing it for a couple of days!

Danielle said...

what a cutie!! the haircut is the perfect length

SilhouetteScreams said...

LOLOL OMG the crying and the pouting XD such drama haha

nail crazy said...

Such a sweet kid :-)

Jessi M said...

Yay! Someone else who calls it a binkie! Whenever I refer to it as such everyone usually looks at me funny. I guess they all call it a pacifier.

But you're right, he does look like a little boy now when before he looked like a baby. He is just too adorable either way!

Myya said...

He is the sweetest thing! Love the new haircut, although I think the long hair was pretty darn cute as well. I've got girls so haircuts aren't really a thing in my house. My almost 5 year old has only had 1 and my 3 year old hasn't had one yet.