Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Favorite Things

Buenos dias, mis amigas y amigos!  No.  No need to adjust your monitor.  I was feeling a little Spanish-y this morning.  Why?  No idea.

Moving on.  I've had a couple people mention that they liked my initial Favorite Things post, so I decided it was time for another one!  And before I forget, I want to say how much I appreciate all the suggestions and "I wanna see more" comments on my giveaway.  I love it when I get comments (who doesn't?!)  and I especially love it when people take the time to actually read what I type and make comments specific to what I've written.  A BIG thank you to everybody who reads my blog.  I really appreciate it and I do my best to reply to every comment (unless you respond in a way that doesn't link to your email).  Oh, and if you have a blog that I don't follow, please let me know.  I'm always on the lookout for new reads.

These are a few of my favorite things.  And don't start singing that dang song because that is NOT one of my favorite things.  LOL 

A while back...a long time ago now, Mom started quilting.  I love the idea of quilts, especially done by family, but don't have the patience or knowledge or time to take it up as a hobby.  So, I was super excited when my mom started quilting.  Between me, my hubs and my two boys, we have quite a few quilts (not to mention the crocheted and knitted blankets) and I love each and every one of them.  I'm going to show you two of them today.
Out of all my quilts, this is my favorite!  It's a queen-size quilt and fits perfectly on my bed.  I was the envy of all the girls at work when I opened the box it came in.  I love the colors (red, white and blue, of course), the design, the size.  It's perfect.  As soon as I got it home, I put it on the bed and it's been there ever since.
In case you're just joining me, I have this "thing" for red, white and blue.  This quilt is perfect because it's red, white and blue but it's more muted than the traditional color scheme.  I like the flag material because it reminds me of Colonial America.
I don't usually go for brown or yellow, but in this grouping, it works!  I don't know the technical term for this design, but I call it a star burst.  The white with the red flower design reminds me of cherry blossoms.
This is the back side of the quilt.  I know my mom always says that she's not very good at grouping colors, but I think she did a great job (I think she always does a great job - she's just too hard on herself).
I even like the border.  Some of these triangles remind me of bandannas.  See the red and blue stripes?  Yeah, those are all individually sewn together.
Every quilt she makes has a little personalized tag on it.  This one says: Made Especially for Megan.  Love, Mom Sept 2008.  Even the tag has stars on it!  LOVE!!
This is also on the top of the list of favorite quilts.  This is the second quilt my Mom made me.  See what I mean about red, white and blue?  LOL  This one is more of a traditional color grouping.  I'm not sure on the size of this one, but I think it's more technically a lap quilt.  However, it fits nicely on my son's single bed.

I really like the backing on this quilt.  Red, white and blue in flags!  PERFECT! 
Here's the tag for my quilt.  Celebrate life!  Made by: Mom.  On this date: July 2005 (appropriate, don't you think?).  For: Megan on her 29th b-day (8/23/05).  I can't imagine working on something like this during the Summer, but she does!
My fat cat Sol like my quilts, too.  He jumped up and got comfortable as soon as I put the quilt on the bed. 

I love all the quilts my Mom has made for me and my family.  I love that I'll have these forever and ever and will be able to eventually pass them down to my boys and their kids.  My Mom also has a blog, Stray Stitches, where she shares her quilt making expertise along with some great recipes (where do you think I get my kitchen skillz?).

Do you have anything that you treasure that's a family heirloom?  Some day I'll post a My Favorite Things from my boys' point of view (which will most definitely include a blanket or two).  Enjoy your Wednesday.  Only two more days til the weekend!!


Debra said...

I love the quilts! Your mom is so talented, I am always in awe of her quilts. I love the quilt on your bed, it is so cute with the red, white and blue but it doesn't scream the 4th of July. Beautiful! I love, love the tags! It makes me want to go back and add one to my quilts!

Emily said...

I spent part of my morning looking for a quilt for my bed. I wish I had someone to whip me up a custom look, I'm just not finding anything that wows me, I'm jealous.

Linda said...

Ok, I'm blushing. It's really not hard to plan a color scheme for you, my red,white, and blue girl!

Myya said...

I love things made from the heart. These are so beautiful. I so wish I was a crafty girl!

Lu said...

Wow, your mom is amazing! I mean, both at the mom thing I'm sure AND at the quilt thing. I love the color scheme and the prints on both quilts -- I'm so-so with color schemes but I can never get prints that coordinate well with each other. So things end up looking a little plain with one, maybe two prints and the rest solid colors. :)

Donna said...

Linda is an amazing quilt maker!! Megan these quilts are totally you!!

Kimberly said...

I don't consider myself a quilt person. However, I do love crocheted afghans. Yet, I have one quilt that I have had for 30+ years. My aunt made it for me and I love it because she stitched every bit of it. I still use it on my guest bed.

As for the crocheted afghans, I have several. All made by my mom. She does such excellent work.

Those made by our loved ones are the most specialist, aren't they? :)

sara said...

I am *widly* impressed and jealous!! If I can sew a button on then I'm doing really well :)

Tempera said...

Wow! This makes me cry in a good way. There's a lot of Love in those quilts.

Copyboy said...

Wow! Your mom is a quilting queen! To be honest I never knew what went into 'em until now. And I think her color scheme is quite fetching. And true, your cat is fat. haha

SilhouetteScreams said...

Awwh these are so sweet, and she's really talented!