Monday, June 21, 2010

5 Random Things

I stole this from the lovely, very interesting, Nailstah. Sit back, relax and enjoy the info!

1. When I was a kid, we raised rabbits. We traveled all over California, with the rabbits in the back of the mini van, to various shows. Between my mom, sister and I, we had American Fuzzy Lops, Himalayans, and Mini Lops; my dad had Mini Rex. We were away at shows pretty much every weekend and once the fair rolled around, we were there EVERY day. Oh, did I mention we showed sheep for a while, too?

2. I was a band nerd. At one point, I was the head band nerd (read: drum major), but I found boys (one in particular, actually) and that put an end to that. I played piccolo and flute and was pretty darn good at it. I was in county honor band and/or orchestra more times that I care to count/admit. I haven't played much since moving to New Mexico, but I do love it. There's just not enough hours in the day to fit everything in.

3. I'm married to a comic nerd. Yep. And if you don't think he's certifiable - just ask me about it. He has a 6' x 8' "comic coffin" where he stores all of his books. Well, not all the books, but a lot of them. I never thought I was "in" to that kind of thing, but now I really dig it. The art, the story, the whole thing. I like watching movies based on comic books. The garage is plastered with comic art and posters - one of the walls is covered with a plastic holder that holds individual books by whatever artist or author he likes at the time. It scarred me for life once when we were moving it, so it will always be a part of me. He is working on a dream of his with his BFF: Ego Comics. OK - so that last one wasn't really about me, but he's part of me, so it counts!

4. I have 4 tattoos. A band of music notes around my right ankle I got when I was 18 (I think - that was a long time ago). A tribal red, white & blue scarab on my lower back (I don't remember when I got that one). A fairy encircled by a vine. I was scheduled to get that one on September 11th. THE September 11th. Needless to say, I got it a week later on 9/18. An N on my left wrist in a script that I made. The N is for my son, Nate. I plan on getting at least 2 more: an M for my son, Mason and a hummingbird. Don't know where and don't know when. But sometime. LOL

5. I'm an information whore! If I find something new, I have to learn everything I can about it. If that means I have to buy multiple books on the subject, I do. If that means I have to buy various/multiple supplies to do it, I do. Case in point: When I was pregnant the first time, I signed up for every website, read every book, got every pamphlet I could. When I was pregnant the second time, I did the same exact thing. I'm the same with cookbooks. Maybe it's a little bit of hoarder in me...?

I tag whoever hasn't been tagged yet and wants to do this! I love reading and learning about all my readers! =D If you don't have a blog please comment below =D


Linda said...

Nice trip down memory lane for me!

Kimberly said...

It's nice to get to know you better. :)
I was a band nerd too. LOL...I played French horn for 7 years.

Makeup Zombie said...

This one band camp.

Megan Harmeyer said...

@Kimberly - I love French Horn. It has the most pure, deep sound.

@MZ - Wouldn't you like to know what I did with my instrument? LMAO

B.A.N.C. said...

Hahaha... the whole, raising bunnies... now thats hilarious! i wouldve never...
hahahahahhaa... forget it... i lost my concentration!!!