Friday, June 25, 2010

Me? Stylish?

It's Friday!! It's really slow here at the clinic today and I'm looking for stuff to do. Sounds like it's a great time to make another post. And this way the hubs won't bug me for spending "us" time with my face buried in the computer screen. Two birds. One stone.

I was reading through my list of blogs last night and I was shocked to see that I had been presented with my first blog award!! Yay, me!

This wonderful little award was given to me by the lovely Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes.

The rules are:

Copy the award above, place it on your blog - link your blog back to me and name five things about yourself! Then pick 5 bloggers you'd like to tag with this same award.

Five things about me? I did something very similar to this earlier in the week - coming up with five more things is gonna be hard. Let's see...

1. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. Then, while in high school, I took a class as an aide to a preschool class. That cured me. Those kids were horrible!!!

2. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. You know what they say about flute players...

3. I tried to go in to the Air Force but they kicked me out. LOL I had an old knee injury that came back to haunt me and I couldn't run the distance they wanted me to run in the time allowed. As a result, I spent a couple of very hot, very long months in Lackland, TX, only to be sent back home.

4. This is hard! I collect red, white and blue Beanie Babies (and the like). I don't have a whole lot of them, but when I see one, I grab it! And run!! LOL

5. I love games!! Dominoes, Yahtzee, Cranium, Ziggity, Uno - you name it. The hubs doesn't play many with me so every time I get to spend time with my mom, we play a game.

Now it's my turn to name some lovely bloggers for this wonderful award! The envelope please...

Makeup Zombie

Elevation of Purpose & Desire (now this means you have to post more!!)

Polish Hoarder Disorder (PHD)

Getcha Nails Did

Rebellious Makeup

Now, so this post isn't just about me, I thought I'd share a mani I did a couple weeks ago. I won a giveaway from Libby's Pink Vanity and this little pretty was in the box!

I got Milani HiTech a while back and I loved it, so I was pretty excited to see HiRes in with the various other goodies. I gravitate toward purple polish for some reason, so it was perfect for me. The holo isn't as good as HiTech, but it's purple, so you can't go wrong. The above pics are 3 coats (a must with holos) and a top coat. Taken with flash. I think I had an outdoor/sun picture but it didn't load completely on to the flashdrive. She is a finiky biatch. These pics make me a little sad because I've had to cut off my nails since then. Booo!!!

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shortmama said...

That color is awesome! Love all the sparkles in it!

Kimberly said...

Hey! Looks good on ya!

R3Beauty said...

Yay congratulations! That is one of my favorite Milani's!

Debra Joy said...

Congrats! I love the polish. I think it is one of my favorites ever!

Julissa said...

Aw, thanks!

And omg that polish is awesome!

B.A.N.C. said...

OH MY ME!!! I never saw this... i got an award?!?! so, tell me... what do i have to do?!

and that nail polish is hard core!! i LOOOOVE it (can i have it?)!!