Saturday, June 19, 2010

This IS love!

Happy weekend, Kitschies! I hope you're enjoying your weekend and you're getting some much deserved R&R. I, however, am not. Yet. The hubs and his BFF went camping last night. I was at a backyard gathering with the boys until around 11:00. My older son did not get to sleep until after 11:30. He staggered in to my room and wiggled his way in to my bed around 4. We were abruptly awaken by the smoke alarms going off - for no reason - at 4:30. Grrrrrr!! I was hoping against all hope that the boys would sleep in this morning. No such luck. They were both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6:30. I definitely was not. The younger one is sleeping now, but I know as soon as I get the older one down, the younger one will wake up. No rest for the wicked!

OK. I'm done complaining about that.

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Zoya polish exchange order ALL week! I would lurk around the front office of my clinic waiting for the mail to come in. Nothing but disappointment day after day. Then, when I get home late last night, I see a Zoya box on the table!! WOOT!! The hubs didn't even mention I had gotten it. Even though I was exhausted, I tore open the box as soon as I got the boys to bed. Let me tell you - it was love at first sight! The colors are gorgeous, even in the bottles! With my fitful night of sleep, I dreamed about these dang bottles on and off all night. Pathetic? Here's what I got.

First up are two colors my BFF wanted: Roxy and Eve.

Roxy: Sheer red-toned purple base loaded with bright purple glitter. A must-have shade for any rock star or glamour girl.

Eve: Saturated berry-red with strong violet and fuchsia duochrome shimmer. Great for a bold manicure or pedicure.

Next are the 8 colors I *finally* chose.

Yasmeen: Dark blue-toned purple base with very strong red-toned medium purple shimmer and hints of gold duochrome. The ultimate complex purple for maximum drama.

Ki: A complex multichromatic shade combining silver, purple, blue and green in a shimmery metallic finish. A unique shade for a truly fascinating nail look.

Adina: Violet metallic multichrome. A frosty hint of green and magenta creates a unique "oil-slick" look.

Reece: Rose metallic duochrome. A frosty hint of gold creates a unique "oil-slick" rose-gold.

Delilah: Bright red glitter in a cool toned cherry red base. The fiery, glimmering red that can add glamour to any look.

Lianne: A juicy medium tangerine fused with fine gold shimmer. A cheerful and stylish way to accent any outfit.

Charla: Tropical blue sparkling metallic. An expensive-looking metallic shade for summer.

Ibiza: Blackened indigo-blue brightened slightly by subtle metallic blue shimmer. This bold blue is the new black for nails.

Miscellaneous comments on the colors: Eve is the perfect color for my BFF. She is obsessed with pink with blue shimmers. This is what she wanted! Though Yasmeen, Ki and Adina are all purple duochromes, they're all so different. I've never seen colors like this. Delilah is AMAZING in the sun! Oh, Delilah...where have you been all my life? It's such a beautiful red jelly that glows in the sun. Charla is so much prettier in person than on their website. I've seen a multitude of reviews of Charla and I was kinda unsure but now that I have it in my hot little hands, I'm so glad I went with it. Ibiza is going to be the perfect winter color. My only question is: When is Zoya going to come out with holos?

I've said it before, but it warrants another mention. The Zoya polish exchange program runs through June 30th. If you haven't done this - do it quick because you're about out of time! I'm contemplating another exchange but don't know if I'll be able to decide on 6 more colors in time. LOL I probably won't post about ALL of the colors I got, but I will post some, though it won't be a mass swatch party, either. In due time, my friends. All in due time.

Disclaimer: These polishes were not provided to me for review by Zoya, they were purchased by me through the Zoya Polish Exchange Program. All color descriptions are per the Zoya website.


Makeup Zombie said...

WOW. Just WOW. I obviously can't wait to see Eve now, but some of the colors you chose have me wanting more! How exciting. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Linda said...

Can't wait to see all the different colors on you!

Jornal da Lulu Teen - By Luíza said...

adorei todas as cores, tudo lindo demais!
eu adorei seu blog!!! muito lindo!!!
♥ ♥ ♥

shortmama said...

Its been so fun exploring some through your blog today! Ive got tons of ideas for our swap already! I saw that one of your boys is 4 but how old is the other?