Friday, June 11, 2010

Cooking blog link love

Hey, Kitschies. It's FRIDAY!! *doing happy dance* It's supposed to be 92* here today and I hope everybody isn't dying in this wonderful Spring heat. Blech! It's been kinda busy at work today, but I'm squeezing in a blog to help me get to the finish line that is the weekend!

While surfing around this ever-expanding 'net of ours, I've ran across a cooking blog or two that I really dig. Here's a list of some of those (in no particular order)...

From the Kitchen of: Mrs. Bettie Rocker

Ms Becky, the self-proclaimed junk food junkie comes up with some great looking recipes. Don't visit her blog unless you want to gain a pound or two on her wonderful desserts! should definitely check it out!

Baking and Mistaking
Just the name of this blog caught my eye. Who doesn't do some baking and mistaking from time to time? And that "mistaking" can be taken on a couple different levels. This busy girl (student, intern and kitchen entrepreneur) gives us some awesome recipes. Another one that'll help you keep that weight on. LOL

Elevation of Purpose .&. Desire
This blog is done by my buddy, Bethany. B and I used to work together a couple years ago and she always brought in the best salsa (which she brings me once in a blue moon). With the pushing of another friend, she started her own blog. She combines her love of family/friends and love of food to bring us some great family-worthy recipes, as well as a local eats or two.

Polishing Off...
First off...YUM!!! Second, this blog is a collaboration between 3 great cooks: Brooke, Helen & Christy. Their recipes are easy and cover everything from breakfast through dessert. Speaking of dessert, I made their Toffee Bread Pudding for my dad and it was SOOOO good!

So...visiting these will not help remove those pesky Winter pounds, but all the food will make you feel so good - you won't even care! If there's a cooking blog you love, please tell me about it. I'm a recipe hoarder and the more the merrier!!


Robyn said...

Its a good job that I can't get a lot of those ingredients in the UK or Ms Betty Rocker would have my fat ass on her doorstep!

Megan Harmeyer said...

Right?! All of those blogs have such good recipes - it makes me want to spend all dang day in the kitchen (and have my maid clean up the mess).