Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WWtKW: Seriously Shawn Edition

Good morning, Kitchies.  It's been a long morning already and it's not even 7 yet!  Mason woke up sick (like, puking sick) this morning at 2:30.  And then again after 3.  He and I ended up sleeping on the couch and let me tell you.  For being so small(ish), he sure does take up a lot of the couch!  LOL  I'm tired.  I feel bad for not being at work today because it's going to be super busy.  But, family comes first and I'd rather be with my sick little boy than have somebody else watch him right now.  Anyway...I missed WWTKW last week, so you can bet I'm going to get on it today.


This week's questions come from Seriously Shawn...

1.  What is the best or worst pick up line you have ever been given?
You know...I can't remember any pick up lines that were used on me.  And no, I haven't used any.  Guess I'm starting this week off with a bang!  LOL

2.  What is your most and least favorite day of the week?
I don't like Monday.  Original, I know.  My favorite day of the week is Saturday because it's the weekend and there's still one day left to enjoy before I have to face my dreaded Monday.

3.  How many hours of sleep do you require each night?
Require?  At least 5, but I'm much better with 8.  I've functioned on less, but not very well.  And I'm not usually very happy about it (kinda like today - I probably got about 5 today and I can tell it definitely wasn't enough). 

4.  Is there a song that takes you back in time?  What is it and what memory is attached to it?
There isn't a specific song, but there are groups that take me back.  Like Chicago, The Doobie Brothers and Billy Joel - they all remind me of camping during the summer with my family when I was growing up.  Oh!  There is a piece of music: Rhapsody in Blue.  For the same reason.  I love Gershwin!

5.  What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Doing my nails.  Or watching a show that only *I* want to watch.  Those are kinda lame answers, but they're good enough for now.  My brain isn't quite functioning yet.

*sigh*  I need to get some coffee.  Be sure to check HERE to see other great WWTKWs.  See you soon!


Amber said...

Poor bugger, I hope he starts feeling better soon.

I LOVE Billy Joel - I didn't really start getting into his music until about a year ago and of course now that I love him he's not touring. Seems like he's toured here every year of my life, what gives?

I couldn't function on 5 hours...well I guess I can, but I don't like it and I end up going home and crashing for a whole day. It just isn't good for me!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on #5. I want to get just one thing for ME, you know?

Esther is not-quite-perfect said...

Chicago! loved their music!

Impulsive Addict said...

1. I have one for you. Ready? "Is that a mirror in your pocket 'cause I can see myself in your pants". Boys are stupid aren't they?
2. Yuck. Me either. And I agree on Sat as the fav.
3. I would love to have like 10 straight hours but I'm only dreaming.
4. Billy Joel had a couple of good ones!
5. How'd I know you would say NAILS! lol

Thanks for linking up this week. I hope Mason gets better. Poor thing.

VandyJ said...

I watch What Not To Wear and it is MY TV. The guys don't like it but sometimes I just need a girly fix.

Stephy said...

Sorry about your son. I hope he feels better & you both can get some good nap time in this afternoon!

Also, 5 hours?! Ahh. I require much more than that! I am sure I could function - if I NEEDED to - but I would not be happy about it!

Nadine Hightower said...

pretty nails are a must!!! and don't feel guilty!

Stray Stitches said...

Rhapsody in Blue should remind you of the opening for the Olympics in LA - all of those grand pianos were amazing!!
Sorry to hear poor little Mason is sick. Hopefully it's short lived and he doesn't pass it on.

Copyboy said...

2:30? That's about the time I go to bed. You hit the nail on the head with those singers!