Monday, October 24, 2011

One More Summer Fling

Happy Monday, Kitschies!  It was a fun weekend over here in the Land of Enchantment - well, Saturday was fun, anyway.  It was derby championships and I got all dolled up.  I was stuck behind a computer for both bouts, but I got to don my skates and glide around the area a few times.  It felt so good to be back on my skates - I hadn't laced them up since October 4th and let me tell you...I am itching to get back on the track!!  I'm going to my first practice tonight since breaking my toe - wish me luck! 

And yes...I hear that toe. :|  I hear you.

Now...for the real reason of the post.  Nail polish!  LOL

Waaaaay back in August (yes, another mani from August), I got on a French mani kick.  This is one of the few that survived the cut.

This mani *screams* summer to me!  I did the tips with CC Tangerine Scream (from the Electro Candy collection) then I used Finger Paints Paper Mache for the flowers and dots with a blue rhinestone in the center of the flowers.

I don't usually go for neon polishes, but I dig the whole Electro Candy collection.  They have the prettiest flash to them.  The orange has a really pretty white pearl flash to it.  Oh...and that's Nate's little foot over there in the corner of the pool.

I really liked the contrast of the bright bold cobalt blue against the neon orange.  And the white dots broke up the blank field of the nail bed a bit.

This is how Tangerine Scream looked in the shade.  I don't know what it is about neons, but you can't really capture their heat unless you're in half-light.


Anonymous said...

super cute! and i love your nails!! so awesome!

Emily said...

I LOVE your derby outfit, so cute. You go girl.

Impulsive Addict said...

This may be my favorite set yet!!!

Kimberly said...

As cute as the nail swatch is, I simply LOVE that photo of you!!! I will print that out and put it on my 'friends' cork board. Get that in an 8X10 frame and put it on hubs' bedstand. ;)

Nail Nerd said...

Oooo lookit you with the bling nails! :) Glad you're back on the skates, you look absolutely blissed out to be rollin' in that pick -- you're a rockstar!

cathryn said...

you are SO cute! i love your outfit!

Myya said...

First let me just say... Dang girl you look sexy in your derby gear!

Love the nails, anything that reminds me of Summer makes me happy!