Thursday, January 12, 2012

Royal Jelly

No, not *that* kind.  Sheesh...get your mind out of the gutter!

It's Wednesday night and I'm prepping this post for Thursday morning.  I have a very short fuse tonight thanks to a sore toe (the same toe I broke *way* back in October) and it's been a really exhausting week at work, so I'm going to keep this one pretty short.

Earlier in the Summer, I finally got my first jelly finish polish and I loved it way more than I thought I would.  And a little while after I found that one, I discovered the jelly sammich.  I had been eyeing this polish for a while because I loved the color but as soon as I found out it was a jelly, I went out the next day and picked it up.

This bright, bold blue is Revlon Royal.  It's a royal blue (hence the name) jelly that is great alone but I was in a glitter sammich kind of mood and threw in some silver holo bar glitter.

Yeah, there's some VNL, but it's a jelly...and that's part of what I love about a jelly.  It's full coverage but it's still a little transparent.  The bar glitter is Rush UFO.  I don't even know if you can get it anymore...I've had it since before I moved to New Mexico (so that means at least 13 years). 

I love the concept of this, but the end result didn't live up to my expectations.  You can't see any of the holo-y goodness of UFO so it just looks like white bars of stuff stuck in my polish.  LOL  As a side note, I already don't care much for bar glitter, so maybe this mani was doomed from the start.

Have you done a jelly sammich?  Which polishes did you use?

OK.  I'm done.  It's been a long day.  I hope Thursday is better because Tuesday and Wednesday left a lot to be desired. 


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Maybe the halo-y affect pooped out after so many years in the bottle. It's still a pretty mani!

sammycx said...

gorgeous colour! so eye catching :)

Ice Queen said...

Your jelly sammich is beautiful. :)

I didn't even think about doing a jelly sammich with Royal. I am so doing this. Royal is one of my favourite blue polishes and I have so. much. .glitter... :D

Myya said...

That is waaay blue! What a fun for a few days mani.

SilhouetteScreams said...

I love the jelly sammich! It's like looking at glitter underwater :)