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Challenge Accepted - Part 3.1

WARNING! Geek alert!! This post has a lot of explanation (reading) and pictures. I won't be offended if you don't read it all. After all...comic books aren't for every one. *but don't tell the hubs I said that*

I was so inspired by Polish Hoarder Disorder's latest challenge (the "book" challenge) that I submitted two entries. The first look was inspired by the Twilight series (specifically New Moon). The second look was inspired by Brightest Day Green Lantern The New Guardians (how's THAT for a title?!). With the artistic help of the hubs, I was able to put this one together.

A little background before I get in to the whole look. The hubs is a big follower of Green Lantern. I've even made him a flower pot with the Green Lantern symbol painted on it. Anyway, a while back, the geniuses over at DC Comics decided that one Green Lantern wasn't enough, so they came up with a whole range of Lanterns that we'll call The New Guardians. Each Lantern has a specific power or drive (which I'll get in to in a bit). I thought this would be a great way to combine something that both the hubs and I love: comics and polish. I had to ask the hubs if I could go through his comic collection - I think he was hesitant for me to do that so I started thinking. I remembered the cool color rings he brought home over the last couple months and thought this is perfect inspiration. I asked the hubs if he had a Green Lantern book with all of the different spectrum of Lanterns on the cover. Luckily, he did (of course he did)! This is the cover.

I started off with a range of 9 colors: red, orange, green (of course), blue, indigo, purple, black and white; one on each finger with an extra of green for good measure. Remember, you can clicky click on any of the pictures to make them bigger.

Left hand colors

What I used (L-R): Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in white, Sinful Colors HD Nails, Sinful Colors Midnight Blue, China Glaze Vertical Rush and HaKen Whirlpool.

Right hand colors

What I used (L-R): Pure Ice Black Rage, Sinful Colors Let's Meet, Nail Savvy African Violet, Zoya Lianne and Sinful Colors HD Nails.

Pardon what looks like healing hamburger there on my thumb. That's a thumb vs cheese grater accident leftover from Father's Day (OUCH!).

I wore these colors like this for a full day! It drove me crazy. You don't know how many "what's up with your fingers" comments I got that day. Instead of getting all TMI on them, I usually just said it was a work in progress. On Tuesday night, I decided to put some symbols on the left hand.

Each Lantern has it's own ring with a unique symbol.

Red Lantern: Rage. The ring feeds on the rage of their users; charged by the blood of those users killed.

Blue Lantern: Hope. In order for the blue ring to work, it must be near green. When near green, the blue ring has the power to neutralize negative effects/powers of other rings.

Green Lantern: Willpower. When active, a green power ring will encase its user in a protective, life-supporting force field. This force field allows the user to fly, travel through inhospitable environments, and enter hyperspace in order to move vast distances quickly.

White Lantern: The effects of the white power ring isn't fully known but so far it has been able to do everything the green power ring can do in addition to being able to restore life.

Violet Lantern: Love. The violet power ring can protect it's user by creating an aura; it can create crystals that can be used to trap their enemies.

The hubs wasn't home to help me (he was at Planet Ego) with the right hand symbols and I wasn't about to attempt them on my own. So, on Wednesday, I wore a hand of symbols and a hand of plain color. Nobody asked about it this time. LOL Wednesday night we threw on an episode of Tosh.0 and he did the symbols on my right hand.

Black Lantern: Death. This power ring is worn by the deceased. Kinda like zombie Lanterns! LOL It has the power to partially regenerate an injured body part. It also allows the wearer to read the emotion of the other Lanterns.

Yellow Lantern: Fear. Yellow is the nemesis color to Green Lantern. The yellow power ring can only be powered by fighting Green Lantern. Yellow Lanterns are collectively known as Sinestro Corps.

Indigo Lantern: Compassion. Collectively known as the Indigo Tribe, members carry carved, lantern-like staffs in order to power their rings. The Indigo Tribe can perceive compassion in others and force compassion onto those who feel none.

Orange Lantern: Avarice. The orange power ring has only been owned by Larfleeze (aka: Agent Orange). Larfleeze is the glutton of the group. He is driven by insatiable hunger that is never quelled regardless of how much food he eats. When Agent Orange isn't stuffing his face, he can absorb the identity of the people he kills, creating duplicate evil identities of those killed and they are all driven to kill and absorb those identities. This guy's gotta have it ALL.

Here's the finished product

I wore both hands completed through Thursday. By Thursday night I had had enough of the skittle mani. I really liked the symbols, but all the colors were tiring. I was really happy the way this one turned out, but I was kinda happy to have all one color on Friday. And I think that's the longest I've had one mani since I started into this whole polish business.

My submitted pic

And some other pics with the book

There ya go. Yet another reason I'm a dork. Well, the hubs is really the dork. In this case I'm just the dork by proxy. LOL

PHD has posted her Book Challenge Gallery - Check it out HERE!!

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Lantern descriptions are paraphrased from Power Ring (DC Comics) Wikipedia article.


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I really love this! Geekiness is awesome. :)

NAILSTAH said...

This is so awesome I'm at a loss for words.

Megan Harmeyer said...

@Liz - Thanks! Yes. Geekiness IS awesome!

@Nalstah - Awww shucks! It was a huge PIA, but I liked how it turned out.

Robyn said...

:D Yay! Geeky nails make me happy inside! I've been wanting to do an X-Men mani but I don't have the colours I need...

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Geekyness rules!

VAgirl said...

My DH is a big comic fan and I'm a beauty junkie. Very nice to see one of the blogs that has something I can show him that he won't roll his eyes at ;)

Megan Harmeyer said...

@ Robyn - Sounds like a good excuse to go get more colors!

@ LWfT&T - Yes. Yes,it does.

@ VAgirl - Yea for geeky husbands!