Sunday, July 11, 2010

There aint' no cure

...for the summertime blues. Happy Sunday, Kitschies! I hope you're enjoying your Sunday. Sunday in the H household means chores. Fun! It's barely noon and I've made breakfast (Canadian Pancakes - YUMM!), cleaned the kitchen, taken a shower, helped the kid (read: brat) clean his room, vacuumed said room, swept off the back patio and started laundry. And that's on top of vacuuming most of the house yesterday afternoon and finishing last week's ironing last night. It's time to take a break. Besides, it's almost time for lunch.

We did not have the greatest day yesterday. Nate (almost 4) was a complete brat. We went to lunch at Lumpy's Burgers in Albuquerque (sort of a business call for the hubs). They have great burgers and you get to pick your potato (or sweet potato) and they chop it up and fry them for you fresh. So good!! Anyway, it was time to eat lunch and Nate threw a huge fit (screaming at the top of his lungs, arms and legs flailing) because I told him it was time to put the Crayons away and eat. Long story short: I picked him up and we sat in the car until the hubs and Mason finished their lunch. That big fit threw me in to a funk. Later that afternoon, the hubs went grocery shopping and I stayed home while the boys "napped". While lurking the beauty blogs, I came across Nailstah's post with Claire's Mood Polish. Hey! I have that polish and I love it (well, sorta) - just the thing to help me with this funk.

When first applied (and in the bottle), Claire's Mood Polish in Mild/Wild is purple with silver sparkle. Pretty just like that.

Then, when it gets warm, it turns a pretty petal pink. Also with sparkle. This picture was taken outside after sitting in the sun for just a few minutes.

Since it's a "mood" polish, it changes color depending on the temperature. This is after being outside then coming indoors where it was cooler. Notice the tips changing back to purple. This is how my nails usually look with this polish.

And then sometimes, it's the reverse. The cool purple over the nail beds and warm pink over the tips. This happened after opening the lid of the BBQ grill.

I want to love this polish. I really, really do. But...application is the suck! This is at least 4 coats to even out all the bald spots and bumps. The formula is also the suck. Very gloppy. It dries really fast and it dries to a satin finish. The finished mani looks good, but like all good things, it does not last. I applied this polish yesterday around 3:00. By this morning, it was already a chipped mess (and that's without the usual abuse to my hands). However, this did help to bring me out of my funk a little. Funny how the little things have such a great impact. So, a big hug of thanks to Annie at Nailstah. You helped my day get a little brighter!


Debra Joy said...

OK, I am not sure if I am a little behind. What is a Canadian pancake?

Megan Harmeyer said...

OMGosh they're good. They're fluffier and lighter than Bisquik pancakes. Here's a link to the recipe.

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Hmmm, first off, you are a very busy woman with all the work you do. I should take some lessons from you, lol Second, it is so hard to handle the big tantrums and it really does wear you down. Lastly - Claire's mood polish in Calm/Wild is my absolute HG lacquer. I'm wondering if you got a wonky bottle? I own like 4 bottles of this color (just in case, cuz you never know, lol)and I can apply Calm/Wild in one coat. I hope the wonky-ness doesn't keep you from wearing it because its so freaking cool! I love the reverse look from opening the grill.

shortmama said...

Its a bummer that you didnt like it because it sure is cute!

Megan Harmeyer said...

@ Lacquer Ware - Clue me in...what's HG lacquer? I don't think it's just my bottle because Nailstah has the same problem. I linked her post in mine.

@ Shortmama - Oh, I really like it; I just get bugged because it chips so easily. I'm not giving up on it!

Robyn said...

Oh, its so pretty! I wonder if they have it in the UK, because I would put up with all kinds of crap for colour change.

And omg, sweet potato fries *drooldrooldrool*

Myya said...

That polish is great! I bet my girls would love it, although with having to do a million applications I might have sinch them into a streight jacket to get them to stay still so it won't mess up (they are 4 1/2 & 2 1/2).. on second thought maybe I shouldn't try it, I've been way too annoyed with them lately as it is :) Oh & your chores... ugggghhh I wish I kept up on chores. I totally suck at them!

Danielle said...

I had been searching for this polish for the longest time! i had all the other colours but could not find this one anywhere. when i finally did find it i ended up buying the last 2 bottles, i still have yet to use it but want to try soon :)

I find that it helps if you add a layer of white polish beneath the Claire's mood changing polish. I don't know why or how but it helps to stick better.

Megan Harmeyer said...

@ Robyn - Yeah, that's pretty much why I deal with the bad formula/application. It's so cool!!

@ Myya - I think it's in the water because my kid has been a turd lately, too. Maybe it's the heat?

@ Danielle - I'm on the hunt for the blue I saw swatched on Black Nail Polish & Lipgloss. It's so pretty! You know...I don't have ANY white. Sounds like I need to invest in some!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

HG=Holy Grail You are probably right. Maybe I got lucky and got into a good shipment? I can get this on in one coat if I want to, but usually do two with because its one of those weird nail obsessive things, lol. this is my absolute pick-me-up lacquer when I'm down and the only lacquer I have a 3 back-up bottles of. I'm weird, I know! LOL