Friday, July 9, 2010

Challenge Accepted - Part 4

TGIF, Kitschies!!! I hope you've had a good week and you have something fun planned for the weekend. No big plans here, though I'm hoping, if the boy is *good*, to go see How to Train Your Dragon at the dollar theater. I really want to see it, but I'm not holding my breath. When is this kid gonna break out of this horrible-ness? Anyway, enough about that. This evening, weather permitting, we're planning on taking the boys and some sammiches up to Sandia Crest and take a little hike to the Rock House. It's monsoon season, so rain, thunder and lightning are possible. Cross your fingers it's a dry day!! Now...on to the fun!!

Polish Hoarder Disorder posted another fun nail challenge: Summer Sponging! I always have so much fun putting together a look for these challenges. This is my 5th entry! This time around we're supposed to incorporate some kind of sponging in our manicures. It doesn't have to be every nail - it just has to be there.

I started off with sponged on blue ceramic paint all over my right ring finger. Once that dried, I used the sponge and did a little white ceramic paint on the top-half of my nail to create a cloud effect. Once that dried, I applied a layer of top coat so I could decorate it. Clicky click the pics to make them bigger (to see detail).

Once that dried, I painted on a desert island and palm tree. How much more Summer can you get than a palm tree? Don't answer that. LOL Anyway, I used a metallic green ceramic paint for the leaves of the palm tree and it reminded me of my gorgeous Zoya Ivanka (sister to beautiful Charla). I slapped that on all the other fingers and there ya have my Summer Sponging challenge mani. A little note on Ivanka - this wore incredibly well. I did this mani Monday afternoon and I had to talk myself in to taking it off for another nail art submission last night! I am constantly washing my hands at work, not to mention all the computer work, so to say that this lasted without even 1 single chip is amazing!! Zoya, you have a customer for life!!

Here's what I used.

Ceramcoat in White and Ocean Reef Blue - really the perfect sky blue for my "ocean".

Sribbles 3-D paint in Butterscotch (the island) and Brown (tree trunk); Acrylic paint in metallic green for palm fronds. These were applied using a thin, small paintbrush.

Ivanka: Mermaid green sparkling metallic. I adore the Zoya sparkle collection!!

One more thing before I go. Nail Addicts Anonymous is hosting a CSN Giveaway. CSN has provided a $60 (!) gift card to the lucky winner who will be chosen July 30th. Skip on over there to check out NAA's blog...she does some great swatches and her nails always look great!

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R3Beauty said...

1st - You HAVE to go see How to Train a Dragon. I normally can't stand kid movies, but this one was just so darn cute. I loved it!

Second - your manicure is divine! It is absolutely perfect! I need to take her up on some of her challenges. Can I please get a few more hours in my day?

Kimberly said...

You did a great job with your sponging. And the tropical palm tree is a perfect addition. How cute!!

Myya said...

FUN nails!!! I took all 3 of my girls 4,2 & 6 mo - at the time) to see How to Train your Dragon & they all did really well. It is a super cute movie. Hope you have a great time!!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

So creative and fun! I love your challenge entries. Hope you have a great time hiking and a great weekend. :)

Linda said...

Beautiful nails, Megan. Hope the hike was fun. Wish I was there for your monsoon season!

susies1955 said...

I've never tried that before. Really nice.

In case you haven't entered, I'm having a new giveaway:

shortmama said...

You are way too talented!
We finally got some monsoon rain at our house last night...not nearly enough though. Glad its clouding up again, looks like more rain tonight!

Makeup Zombie said...

This is SOO cool! Invanka looks so pretty. I'm very happy with these glitters.