Monday, July 5, 2010

Time To Celebrate

It's Monday, Kitschies!! Are you one of the lucky ones who didn't have to go in to work today? I'm one of those lucky people...and I'm home with the boys. That's not really what I call a day off. *sigh* I really do love my boys and I am very lucky to have them in my life. But, boy, oh boy! They're quite the handful!!

I hope everybody had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend. We had two celebrations - kinda. The hubs' office usually throws a 4th of July BBQ. This year it was on the 3rd because they all had to get back to work today (the 5th). The kids all had fun and we all sat around with friends, talked and had a nice relaxing time - til the county Fire Department showed up (a special thanks to whoever it was who brought the illegal 'works). I got out of there just in time! *sigh* Anyway, then last night we had our own little celebration in the backyard. The boys got to play in the little pool and we grilled steak and corn and had baked potatoes. After dinner we waited around for it to get dark and then we lit a few little fireworks. Nothing big, but Nate really enjoyed playing with the sprinklers (read: sparklers). All in all, a good 4th of July weekend.

The hubs & Mason keeping an eye on the water activities

Our little fish, Mason

Nate likes his grilled corn!

HA! A big bang happened exactly at the same time as I snapped this picture.

It's that magic time of day where both boys are safe and secure in their rooms. They're supposed to be sleeping, but Nate has been in his room for almost 2 hours and I think he's slept *maybe* 20 minutes. Either way, he's out of my hair and it gave me just a few minutes to get a post done. Now, maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll have a little bit of time to get some stuff done around the house because it's back to the regular routine tomorrow.

As always, thanks for stopping by! Please remember to tip your waitress. I'm here all week. :)


Myya said...

Perfect Summertime fun!!! :)

shortmama said...

A friend of ours almost brought some fireworks over to our house this weekend until I said uh no thanks since they arent legal here and we have trouble with some of our neighbors shooting them off year round!

Debra Joy said...

Good thing you got out of there. The police seemed stingy about the firework thing this year. Looks like you had so much!

B.A.N.C. said...

That corn looks delicious! We lit illegal fireworks and my BFF, Alicia's younger brother put the artillery shell in the tube the wrong way and the explosion caused the same face Nate made...we almost had a blown up car (not mine).'re kids are awesome!

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! We didn't do fireworks but there were lots of illegal fireworks in the neighborhood. They had cancelled the big show up at BC and I think our neighborhood made up for them - lots of big exposions in the sky. Didn't bother the dogs but kept me awake late into the night.

Megan Harmeyer said...

@ Myya - We had a great time!

@ shortmama - Our neighbors had more than enough fireworks (legal & illegal) to keep the whole block entertained!

@ BANC - Your story made me LOL!

@ Linda - Sorry your 'hood was so busy! And it didn't bother the dogs? Can they talk to my dogs and tell them it's ok to not be such weenies?! LOL It's funny since your dogs are weenies.