Monday, July 12, 2010

Just a bowl of cherries

"He who likes cherries soon learns to climb." German Proverb

Good afternoon, dear readers! I hope Monday isn't abusing you too much. It's been a typical day for me, other than the shooting in SE Albuquerque this morning. Not good news! *sigh*

Anyway, to brighten things up just a bit, I have a new nail art to show you. It's not professional by any stretch of the imagination, but it was fun. I did this for Babbling Brooke's Summer Fruit Nail Contest that runs through July 19th. Her nails were so cute, I was almost afraid to do my own fruit-inspired mani. And, like most of my nail art ideas, this one looked better in my head than on my nails. LOL

First, I went through my stash and decided on Orly Goth. It's a black base with irregular silver flecks/glitter. I applied two coats. The hubs had originally said he preferred Ulta's Black Lace over Orly's Goth, but I misunderstood him and went with this one. Oops!

Once that dried, I dug out my craft paints and a bright red I got from my last Freecycle exchange. The green is Folk Art acrylic paint in metallic green and the red is Cover Girl Nail Slicks in Classic Red.

I hadn't gotten my dotting tool yet, so I used the tip of a pencil for the cherries. Ghetto, I know. I used a small paintbrush for the stems. As always, you can click on the pics to make them bigger (just don't look at the messiness that is the edge of the black polish - I hate cleanup with black!).

And a close up for the WIN! LOL Like I said, I am no professional, but I love doing these challenge submissions.

Speaking of challenges, my BFF put a shout out for Dark Faerie submissions. I did my mani for that (so she'd stop bothering me - GAH!) last night and I love it!! I'll be posting on that one soon, but not until she posts it first. Polish Hoarder Disorder posted the Summer Sponging challenge gallery on Saturday. There were some great submissions - check out the gallery HERE! PHD has posted her next challenge: Fashion Inspiration. I'm going to have to put my nose to the grindstone for that one!

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Linda said...

Love the nails! Can't wait to see the mani. Looking forward to seeing the fashion inspiration - many possibilities thinking back through the trends and corresponding decades.

ABOP said...

This looks great!

susyc said...

My favorite fruit!

Makeup Zombie said...

That is sofuckingcoolitrocksmysocks!

Megan Harmeyer said...

@ Linda - the fashion inspiration is from Betsey Johnson. She gave us a link that had 12 pages of dresses. The hard part will be choosing one that I can do similarly with my free-hand art.

@ ABOP - Thanks!

@ Susyc - I thought your fav fruit were bananas! LOL

@ Wendi - Why, thank you. I want to try it again now that I have a dotting tool and some better brushes. :)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

What an awesome mani! I love the improv of using a pencil eraseur. When I read that my thought was "Why don't I ever think like that?" Can't wait to see your dark faerie interpretation too! Woot Woot! -oh, and I went back and commented on your Claire's post, sorry sometimes it takes me a bit to get back to comments with time constraints and all :P

BLIX said...

The cherries look cute!

Brooke said...

I love this!!! Had to forward it to my mom - she is OBSESSED with black and white with cherry prints! Such a cute design, and I REALLY love that gorgeous black polish! Thanks for the link, and thanks for entering!!!