Monday, February 14, 2011

Two Weeks of Pink - Part I Don't Remember

Happy Valentine's Day, my dear Kitschies!  I hope you had a good weekend.  It's an impromptu 3-day weekend for me.  The hubs and I are escaping the confines of work for a day of *just us*.  What ever will we do?  Well...we're going sledding (by ourselves thankyouverymuch) and then we're going to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch.  We wouldn't normally go there because it can be kinda pricey, but thanks to a perfectly timed Groupon offer, we got an awesome 50% off deal.  If you've never heard of, or used, Groupon, I highly suggest you check them out!

OK.  So.  This is going to be my last Two Weeks of Pink mani.  I like pink as much as the next girl (ok...not as much as *this* girl), but two weeks of pink manis was a little much for me.  I started of with a rock star mani, then I toned it down a bit with a pretty Spring mani.  Then I cranked it up to 11 with my neon pink mani.  Now I think I saved the best for last...a pink and white water marble!  Click on pics to make bigger to fully appreciate the beauty of this one.

Ta daaaaa!  I love this one!!  I started off with one coat of ChG Strawberry Fields and then marbled with that and SH White On.  I topped it all off with one coat of ChG Fairy Dust.  My favorite fingers on this (left) hand are my pinkie and thumb.

I asked my son, Nate, which one *he* liked best and he said he liked my pinkie best because it "kinda looks like a heart".  Well, Nate, I heart you!

I'm still horrible at taking pics of my right hand.  I really need to start using the tripod more!  Anyway...on this hand, my favorites are my thumb and ring finger because it's so much different than the other fingers.

This water marble reminds me of something but I can't exactly put my finger on it.  It's like when you're trying to remember a word and you *know* you know the word...and it's on the tip of your tongue but you just. can't. remember.  Frustrating!

The thumbs.  I really like how the left thumb (shown on the left) turned out.  I don't know what it was, but this time I had a harder time keeping the designs consistent.  I don't know if it was the temperature of the water or the temperature in the house.  Either way, as you can see, I had quite a few different designs. 

At one time I asked you, my readers, what colors you'd like to see together.  Somebody (I don't remember who now, but I know I have it written down somewhere) suggested mint and brown.  I think I'm going to try that next.  Or...if the weather is warmer (cross your fingers), I might put that one on hold for a bit to do a shrimp pink and lime green marble.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Since it's Valentine's Day, we decided to splurge and make a cake.  I haven't tasted it yet (because I'm typing this post on Saturday night), but I'm very anxiously waiting to try it.  I <3 one of the not-always-available ingredients, so I'm betting I'll be devouring the cake once it's ready!  Don't worry...I'll give you the recipe in a post in the not so distant future.

And don't forget!  You only have 2 more days to enter my giveaway!  You don't have to be a follower of my blog, but if you're a "regular" 'round these parts, you get an additional bonus entry!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!!  Oh...and take a look at my right side bar for a poll question.


Debra said...

OOoo, green and pink! I am all over that. I think I must love water marbles because every time you post one I am so JEALOUS! Love this one!

MartianDelights said...

This marbling is amazing!

maisenzasmalto said...

I love love love this marble!! I tried a marbe once but each nail was different from the other :-/
I have two sons too, and sometimes I let them choose the polish I have to put on (knowing that it would be a blue or a green)!

Kimberly said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous that you marble so well! That blogger loves pink even more than me! I really like her blog too.

Nate has to be a sweetie...most of the time. ;)

I saw this woman at the post office and she was dressed in the most interesting color combo. I even wrote it down because I loved how it looked together. It was white, a light chocolate brown, a light teal or maybe like a robin's egg blue and a darker lavender. What do you think?

Robyn said...

The colours remind me of white chocolate when they put strawberries and stuff in it! I love this mani, it's so cute! I'll have to do some more marbling soon!

Stray Stitches said...

Beautiful mani. Reminds me of peppermint ice cream when it melts in the bowl.

*Eva* said...

Wonderful nails! Love it!

nail crazy said...

brilliant! i absolutely love it :-D

Copyboy said...

Say it ain't so. Pink has to make a comeback!!

sara said...

Love the water marble...very vday appropriate!

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

Awesome finish to your weeks of pink!

Myya said...

I was thinking strawberry milk, but then I read comments & saw someone say pepermint ice cream... I think they nail it! I LOVE the sparkle addition!!!