Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday: circa 2004

 Happy Friday evening, Kitschies!  We survived yet another work week.  It was super busy at work for me today - I didn't even get to read the majority of the blogs I usually read.  I was contemplating skipping a post today and then I came across *this*.

A while back...a LONG while back...I found an old disposable camera in my car.  You know how long ago I took it out of the car?  Let's see...I got a new car August 2009.  So, that old disposable camera has been floating around the house since then.  It didn't have any exposures left, but we could never seem to remember to take it to the store with us, so it continued to float.  The kids really liked playing with it, so it's not like it was a complete piece of clutter.  Well, one day last week, the hubs decided he was going to take the mystery camera to be developed.  I had no idea what could be on that film.  I knew it wouldn't be anything bad, but still, I had no idea.  The hubs picked up the pictures today.  Mystery solved!

The pictures were of an office Christmas party way back in 2004!  That means I'd only been working for the clinic for less than 2 years.  The hubs and I had been married just about 6 months.  We had no kids.  Wow.  Was there really a time when we didn't have kids?  Anyway.  There were the usual pictures of people scattered here and there.  And there were quite a few where we have no clue what it was.  Most of the pictures are pretty discolored because, like I said, this camera was in my car from December 2004 until August 2009!  That's a lot of hot, hot days and a lot of very colds nights.  I'm surprised the pictures came out at all.  But, out of the whole roll, we got a good one of me and the hubs.  I think it's kinda cool that there's some discoloration around the edges - it's like an added effect.  I think I look pretty much the same.  The hubs, however, has a lot less hair on his head (not because he's bald but because he buzzes it down) and he has lost a good amount of weight.  I thought he looked good then...I think he looks good now.

I'm linking up with Christopher and Tia: Flashback Friday.  Join me over yonder - there's some good flashbacks to be had!  *Especially* hers - I cried when I read it.  Tia does the bestest posts!

Have a great weekend!  It's almost time for alone time with the hubs.  You know what that means, right?  It means we sit on the couch, snuggled under a blanket, watching various TV shows we've DVR'd throughout the week.  Yep.  We're old folks.  LOL


Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Just awesome....the memories, the photo, the way it came about. I LOVE it!!!

Wait...I have an old roll of film in a camera of mine forEVER, now I'm wondering what is in it???

Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Kimberly said...

See? Your smiles are totally carefree without boys. ;) They will come back in oh, about, 15 -20 years. hee hee! You're still looking the same too.

Stray Stitches said...

Great picture of the two of you! I don't remember N's ever looking that full in the face - lol!

Becky said...

AHAHAH! That is a serious throwback! I love it =)

Myya said...

What a fun find! Oh & me & my hubs are all about couch cozy catchin up on DVR'd stuff too. :)