Monday, January 31, 2011

Bling of Blue

Happy Monday, Kitschies!!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  My weekend was one of *those* weekends where nothing seems to go right.  One of *those* weekends that made me happy to go back to work this morning.  Ever have one of those weekends?

Today has been pretty good - especially considering it's a Monday.  First, I was notified that the book I requested a hold on was ready and waiting for me at the library around the corner from the clinic.  Second, the mail brought a wonderful goody with it.  I got my first order from Cult Nails - My Kind of Cool Aid arrived and I can NOT wait to wear it!  I don't usually go for grey/taupe/gravendar polishes, but there's something about this one that I love.'s been decided (through some fault of my own) that I'm going back to school in the Spring!  I've been wanting to go back for a while now but for whatever reason, it just wasn't time.  Well, now it's time.  I have to wait til the end of May for the next semester to start, but hey.  I've waited *this* long...what's another couple of months, right?

Anyway, it's Mani Monday and I have a pretty good one to share with you.  Remember this Summer when Orly released its Cosmic FX collection?  I grabbed a couple of those as soon as I found them and passed on a couple, too.  But, when Ulta opened in the local mall, my bestie (she really *is* the best), picked up a couple polishes for me.  One of them was Orly Lunar Eclipse.  See?  I told you she was the best!

Orly Lunar Eclipse.  *sigh*  She's so pretty!!  You can't really see it in this picture, but there's a really pretty shimmer of purple along with that sparkly royal blue.

This polish has so much bling!  I wish the purple was a little easier to capture, but the flash has a tendency to wash out subtle color shifts like that.

And to mix it up a bit, I did my ring finger with Orly Out of This World.  I should've gone with a brighter purple to match the brightness of the blue, but it worked.  This pic was taken in the bright direct sun.  You can *barely* see the purple in my index finger.

This pic was taken in the shade of my patio.  Here you can really see the shift of the purple with the blue.  This is one of those polishes that look better in half-light rather than bright light.  Either way, though, it's very pretty.

One more for good measure.  This is a close up of my index (I think) finger to show the bright sparkle of the blue with the pretty shimmer of the purple shift.  There isn't a color in this collection that I don't love.  I managed to get all of the collection minus two because I have pretty close dupes to those.  Did you get many from this collection?

While I'm on the topic of collections...I have been drooling over the Black Shatter polish from OPI's Katy Perry collection.  I went to Ulta on Friday only to be disappointed - they were sold out.  I can't find it anywhere around town.  *sad Megan*  So, this is now where I reduce to begging.  Please.  Please.  Please.  If you have access to OPI Black Shatter, could you PLEASE pick me up 2 bottles (one for me and one for the bestie)?  Pretty please?  I'll pay for them and the shipping, of course.  If somebody could do this for me, I'd be forever grateful.  BTW, I'm giving you super sad eyes right now, you just can't see it.

UPDATE:  The bestie came through - again!  She scored me some Black Shatter through somebody on the bay of evil.  See...there's a reason I like that girl. :)  


Jackie S. said...

I'm on the hunt, Ive managed to get extras of the colors, but not the shatter, if I do, you are now #1 on my list :):)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Awesome color and I had to pick up the whole collection for myself when it came out. Good luck with going back to school - whatever you choose to do. :)

Makeup Zombie said...

It's one of those colors you just want to stare at all day!

MissMidnightBlue said...

Wow! that color is awesome! I didn't get this collection. :( You have an awesome bestie! good luck with school. :)

Lu said...

Love it! A simply stunning blue.

Stray Stitches said...

Beautiful! Glad you were able to get the polish you wanted. Back to school - woohoo!!

sara said...

I would be so distracted by the sparkle, I wouldn't get any work done! I'd spend all my time wiggling my fingers and watching the pretty.

nail crazy said...

i love this one :-)

Myya said...

You are funny, I was totally picturing sad eyes & everything. Back to school... yay for you. Good Luck!!! :)